Carlsbad, New Mexico potash drilling company, core samples 6 inch
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Elko, Nevada mineral exploration drilling company

Mineral Exploration Drilling and Mine Services

Stewart Brothers Drilling Company has been involved in Mineral Exploration since the 1940’s. In more than 70 years, we have drilled, explored, and cored most of the economic and industrial minerals in the Southwestern US. Our core drilling operations consistently achieve high core recovery when others cannot, which is a clear testament to the value we provide clients. So whether you’re interested in sample recovery from core drilling operations or you’re simply trying to define your resource with borehole geophysics, let our drillers put their experience to work for you. 


Our crews have shown a remarkable ability to drill into, core, and recover our clients’ minerals from difficult formation geologies. Whether that be with dual wall R/C drilling methods or conventional air or mud rotary coring methods, we do it all.  The most recent minerals we've been involved with are:

  • Potash (& other Evaporites)
  • Copper
  • Coal 
  • Gold (Precious Metals)
  • Uranium
  • Molybdenum
  • Oil Shale
  • Gas & Oil
  • Aggregates
  • Other Rare Earth Elements 

Our services do not stop at mineral exploration and core recovery. We also perform numerous complimentary services for mining clients including: 

  • Conventional Coring (3.25" to 6")
  • Whipstock Coring
  • Powerholes / Mining Service holes
  • Dewatering Mining Environments
  • Injection and Extraction Well Drilling
  • Monitoring Well Installation
  • Downhole Hammer Drilling
  • Direct Air Rotary
  • Direct Mud Rotary
  • Water Production
  • Core Drilling