Oil & Gas Well Drilling

Midland, Texas Well Drilling Contractor
Moab, Utah well drilling contractor

Stewart Brothers’ first job in 1945 was drilling shot and seismograph holes in the oil patch in East Texas. In the 70+ years since, we have drilled holes for every conceivable purpose in the oil field. From surface casing installations, rig supply water wells, to production oil and gas wells, we have done it. We’ve performed drilling in nearly every basin in the Southwestern US. Our top quality service and construction standards, refined over the past 70+ years, will guide the construction of your well to meet or exceed your project goals.


The production companies we work for demand that we operate SAFELY, PROFESSIONALLY, AND RELIABLY.  Fortunately, Safety is job one for our crews. Meeting or exceeding our client’s rigorous safety standards verifies that our safety standards are right where they need to be. 

While our safety, service and training are distinguished in the industry, we are most proud of our ability to build wells. With a wide range of drilling expertise, we can tailor our approach to meet your drilling needs while accommodating on-site geology. Your well will be drilled according to rigorous industry standards and if production is a concern, we usually work 24 hours, 7 days per week to efficiently complete your project. The list of services we can provide is below. 

Well Drilling & Construction

  • Direct Air Rotary
  • Direct Mud Rotary 
  • Flooded Reverse Circulation
  • Downhole Hammer 
  • Production Well Drilling
  • Packer Installation and Removal
  • Environmental Sampling
  • Well Fishing Services
  • Disposal Well Construction

Well Servicing

  • Acidizing 
  • Liner Installation
  • Well Rehabilitation
  • Well abandonment
  • Perforation