Stewart Brothers Drilling Company is a full service drilling contractor performing air rotary, mud rotary, reverse circulation, and flooded reverse circulation drilling throughout the western United States. We drill, install, and service the following types of wells:

  •    Water Wells  (Commercial, Industrial & Municipal)
  •    Mineral exploration & core drilling,
  •    Environmental sampling & monitoring wells,
  •    Production water well drilling, and
  •    Well rehab services


Water Well Driller - Merced, California; Tucson, Arizona

Experienced Drillers = Professional Results

As one of the most experienced drilling companies in the Southwestern United States, we have staff licensed in the major drilling methodologies:

  • Conventional Air Rotary
  • Down-hole Air Hammer
  • Mud Rotary Drilling
  • Flooded Reverse Mud Rotary drilling
  • RC drilling (Reverse Circulation) &
  • Boring and Augering with a Hollow Stem Auger.

As a specialized drilling contractor, we are proud to serve the states of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming.

From exploration wells to water wells, we employ only reliable and proven practices to create the best well for your purpose. 

If you're looking for a professional drilling contractor that employs experienced staff, you've found just that at Stewart Brothers Drilling Company.