Stewart Brothers Drilling is a full service drilling contractor performing air and mud rotary drilling and related services throughout the western United States. We drill commercial and industrial water wells, perform mineral exploration and core drilling, environmental sampling, production water well drilling and well rehab services for the following industries – Mining, Water, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, and Environmental.

We Meet Our Customers’
Drilling Goals.

Stewart Brothers Drilling Company is family owned and operated. Passed down to each generation are the traditions of quality workmanship and doing the right thing for our clients. Our drillers and project managers, having been trained likewise, deliver the highest quality drilling and well services to meet your goals. We place a high value on customer retention and the best way to maintain that loyal customer base is to treat people right.

At Stewart Brothers, quality goes hand-in-hand with safety. Each employee receives 40 hours of hazardous waste training and eight hours of MSHA/OSHA refresher training each year. However, this is only our minimum standard. Our certified Health and Safety Director provides other site specific training on an as needed basis. Through training, instruction, and consistent practice, we strive to be the safest drilling contractor in the Southwestern United States.