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Well Rehabilitation

Most water well professionals will tell you that the life of a well is governed by two primary factors: 

  • High Quality Construction (with proper drilling techniques)
  • Maintenance at regular intervals

Over time, even the best well needs maintenance. Stewart Brothers understands this and offers maintenance and rehabilitation services to clients. From mechanical brushing and bailing, to jetting and chemical treatments, Stewart Brothers Drilling has experienced personnel  and the equipment to support these services. We can also install, remove, and repair small submersible pumps to large-line shaft turbine units. 


Well rehabilitation services are designed to improve water yield from an existing well. Well maintenance can usually extend the life of pumping units and the well itself, increase well yields and decrease total operating costs of the well.  Some of the services we perform are:

  • Chemical Well Treatments - Acidizing
  • Brushing, Bailing, Surging & Jetting
  • Pump Installation, Removal and Repair
  • Liner Installation
  • Well Rehabilitation
  • Well Abandonment
  • Perforation
  • Well Development
  • Discrete Water Sampling
  • Zonal Sampling
  • Well Patching/ Swedging
  • Test Pumping


Recommended well cleaning cycles vary based on groundwater conditions and well construction parameters. However some industry proponents suggest a cleaning schedule as follows:

Low Carbon (Mild) Steel  -  Every 5 years
HSLA (Corten) Steel  -  Every 6 years
Stainless Steel  -  Every 30 years

If you have a problem with your well or believe that a cleaning is overdue, call our sales staff to schedule well maintenance services.