Tulare, California irrigation water well drilling
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Tucson, Arizona water well drilling and irrigation

Agriculture / Irrigation

Well Drilling

Since water plays such an important part in farm and ranch operations, clients make a critical investment decision when selecting a company to drill and construct a new irrigation well.

Stewart Brothers Drilling Company has been in business for more than 70 years because we focus on quality. We understand that...

  • Drilling a straight well, while time-consuming, improves pump lifespan and performance.
  • Carefully-managed drilling fluid maintenance during the drilling process fosters improved well yields and higher well efficiencies.
  • Installing high quality annular sand creates a proper filter pack which is essential to a sand free well... and one that will last a lifetime.

We pride ourselves on highly efficient, sand free wells. To that end, we'll provide an estimate on your project that is highly customized for your area and application. 


Stewart Brothers Drilling Company has installed agricultural wells/ irrigation wells for New Mexican pecan orchards, row crop and tree farmers in the California Central Valley, and ranchers in Arizona and Texas. Regardless of where your operation is, we will drill and construct your agricultural well to the highest industry standards. The list of services we can provide is below. 


  • Direct Air Rotary
  • Direct Mud Rotary 
  • Flooded Reverse Circulation
  • Downhole Hammer 
  • Discrete Water Sampling
  • Zonal Sampling
  • Well Development
  • Irrigation and Community Supply Wells


  • Well Servicing
  • Acidizing
  • Liner Installation
  • Well Rehabilitation
  • Well abandonment
  • Brushing, Bailing, Surging and Jetting
  • Pump Installation, Removal 
  • and Repair
  • Perforation

Call us if you’re unsure about what you need. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select which casing, screen, filter pack, and pump may be best for your application.

We're proud of our work & will gladly provide references upon request from our clients in or near:

Tulare, California               Roswell, NM                    Lompoc, California      Willcox, Arizona

El Paso, Texas                     Merced, California         Tucson, Arizona           Carlsbad, NM